r69 project - any interest in a "build" thread?

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r69 project - any interest in a "build" thread?

Post by goaarongo »

Hi all -
I've been hanging around here a short while, but its my 1st time piping up. Wanted to get a quick pulse from this community about the idea of me posting a project build thread here. Basically I'm resurrecting a 20+ year old basket case of a 1956 r69.

Warning - while I am planning to bring this bike back to life and be as true as possible to it, I may make a decision or 2 that could ruffle a feather here and there. There are certain things I'm flat out opting NOT to do because of expense, and other choices that might only be 75% "pure". This will not be a museum level build. Also, while I have wrenched on bikes for years and built many - I'm no BMW engineer. One or two of my methods may be cringeworthy to some, as I have seen the level of expertise that exists here.

So, what do you think? Can the community bare to watch a BMW pseudo-rookie have his way with the rare and beautiful r69?

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go for it !!! This is what

Post by Beemer100 »

go for it !!!
This is what people here in this forum love ... at least I do. This is how we all learn and that's what a forum is supposed to support.
I am looking forward to it. Plus a R69 is a great bike. IMHO the best /2 engine. Very powerfull but not as "princess" as sometimes the S models can be.

my 2 cents

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Post by Daves79x »

Absolutely post your progress. I'm trying to finish up a '55 R69 restoration just now too. I may be able to offer some help/advice. Photos are good too!


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its good for you too

Post by malmac »

As you make each step there is a feeling of satisfaction in posting a photo of task achieved.

Yes some would make a different decision at any given point, but everyone seems pretty laid back about being judgemental.

Lots of experience here as well, so it is real handy for the odd question that might have you scratching your heard.

Enjoy the journey.

mal - R69s
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So, what do you think?

Post by R68 »

Presumably your question is not just rhetorical?

I think you should sell off your basket case 1956 R69 to someone who will do a "museum" grade restoration, and buy a easier, more complete BMW that's less desirable, perhaps an R60 or R69S?

A query about R68 headlamps was posted. R68 are the same as contemporaneous R51/3 or R67/2-3 in all respects save for the R68 specific parts: motor, magneto advance assembly, carbs, air intake tubes, exhaust system and handlebars. All sheetmetal, frame, gearbox, final drive, etc, are the same, including the headlamp, as with the utilitarian models. Typically the R68 was sold with sport front fender and it's specific stays, a specific low rise handlebar, smaller handlebar risers, a sliding pillion aka "rennbrotchen"...but these are just options that could be purchased as requested for any R51/3 or R67. I once had an R68 with a "elephant ear" front fender ordered from the factory, for example! Nowadays of course, restorers all want the typical R68 look, so they all come out about the same in appearance.

As for headlamps, the '52 production got the non dished '52 headlamp, and after about 650303 they'll came with the '53-55 chrome ignition switch cover version with dish. (I read somewhere that they had too many R25 headlamps made to accept the R25 horn placement and thus the need for the dish/depression, so they just used them up on the plunger twins? I dunno if that's true).

Maybe you should trade your R68 with the fella with the basket case R69 who dosen't want to do a museum level restoration. I'd swap an R68 for a comparable R69 anyday: MUCH better motorcycle?

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Thanks for the responses.

Post by goaarongo »

Thanks for the responses. I'm encouraged enough to start putting something out there.
Excited to chat with folks who are working on something simmilar - and there will be lots of photos.
As for selling or trading the bike - that's not an option for sentimental reasons that I'll add in the thread.
Look forward to more feedback from you all.

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Do it

Post by pmtremblay »

I'd enjoy reading along. I think there's plenty of acceptance for not keeping things original, as long as the owner is up front with what they're doing. In fact, lots of the engineering minds on here like to see interesting solutions. The grumbling and nitpicking crops up when someone claims original, or "the right way," or god-forbid "perfect."
Patrick in Virginia
'64 R27 in progress

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Started the thread yesterday.

Post by goaarongo »

Started the thread yesterday. "Old Dirty r69 - from basket to bike". I'll be adding some more to it momentarily.

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