R51/3: Camshaft front bearing extracting - Help needed. Pictures inside.

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You are correct of course. I should not have done it that way. I should have explained using my own words.
The Barrington books represent a lot of hard work and I made a mistake.

Micha - I think any question about these machines is a proper question. You'll know when the folks get tired - they will stop answering.
No processes or procedures are unacceptable to discuss. Just use your own words to describe and you won't get into trouble.
And don't copy pages of a copyrighted book.

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Thanks Dardaris

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Thanks Dardaris :H
Michael Steinmann
R51/3 1952
Engine Nr. 529466

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Do it yourself

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Michael, I think you’re doing a great thing by attempting your engine rebuild on your own, and the construction of your own style of “Matra” tools shows your resourcefulness and ability to tackle this project. There is many ways that you can get information that’s helpful to your engine rebuild and this forum is certainly one of them and I think it’s fantastic that you’re willing to ask the questions and that others are willing to lend their own experience and/or knowledge. There are no questions pertaining to vintage BMW’s that are off limits here, and I hope that nobody here makes you feel like you’re asking too many or too much. And if they do feel that way, they should be so kind as to remove themselves from conversation, in my opinion.
As to the repeated persuasions from folks here to buy the Barrington manual, and the insinuation that you’re virtually doomed if you don’t....my opinion is that it’s a really great manual, well written, a fantastic reference and great photos and narrative and historical perspective, but overpriced and not 100% necessary for every person that chooses to tackle projects big or small on their BMW. You’ve stated your choice to not buy it right from the beginning of your project, and that’s completely respectable. Also, buying that book, as at least one person has insinuated, will not replace buying or making the right tools to take your motor apart.
If you do happen to make a mistake, which you probably will but that’s how you learn, there’s plenty of replacement parts available if it comes to that. Obviously we don’t want to destroy parts carelessly, but you seem to be taking your time enough to be careful.

I say keep doing it, get manuals and factory data wherever and whenever you can within your own personal budget, keep asking questions and keep making those great tools! Your experience and questions will undoubtedly help lots of others!

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Micha, do you have a press?

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It has been 53 years since I last saw the inside of my 51/3, but looking at your pictures, it looks like you have to press the cam out of the bearing by using a tool that Jambo showed you, or make an "or equal", since you seem to have the ability. Then, as Jambo stated,
press the cam out of the bearing while it is in the housing, then you can take the bearing out of the housing.
Most mechanical problems can be solved by a good visual inspection and asking "how did they put this together?"
On the other hand, I may be entirely wrong about the sequence of operations, and you may ignore this entire post.
Good luck

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Micha, You've probably

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You've probably figured this out by now but Captonzap is correct. Cam shaft out of the bearing then bearing out of the holder.
Pay attention to the way the bearing is installed, the groove goes toward the lobes.
Good luck.

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We have had a complaint from the copyright owner, and I have removed the scans uploaded here from the copyrighted book. The club cannot be complicit in allowing copyrighted material to remain on the site, once we become aware of it.
--Darryl Richman

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