1959 R60

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Try this:

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a slow process

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Ok for whatever reason had the hardest time logging into this website.

Anyhow, after my move, settling in, summer of reworking a home yada yada.

My only real accomplishment this year was getting a title re--issued for the bike. It was a pain, lots of phone calls, and even 1 wrong issued title by the state that had to be corrected. So I now have a wisconsin bonded and titled 1959 BMW R69

I had a long wait for the Barrington updated restoration manual as well but got that in the spring.

There's a restoration company in Elkhorn WI which is near enough to me to give them a try. The more I looked into this project I decided that having a professional look into the motor/bike etc is the most prudent route.

I don't need a beauty queen, I just want a streetable bike(for now).

The cylinders are making compression but it's low, around 70 on both. Now it could be that oil isn't being pushed up as needed.

The most surprising thing is this old girl still made spark.

So my current plan is letting a pro handle the motor, i'll handle the chassis parts.

Wish me luck on this endeavor.

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good luck and keep us posted

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good luck and keep us posted ... and ... ask questions. We're here to help

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Low compression

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If the engine hasn't run for a while, (months, years), and you can run it, take it out for a ride and then check compression.

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What an awesome story. Love

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What an awesome story. Love the story and the bike. Congrats!!!
Premo B.
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not sure i could run in on the road.

She's sat since 77 untouched, unmoved. Cables are pretty much frozen but i've got a few days off this week so i'm going to tear into a bit and see what i can come up with.

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Can't offer much help, but

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Can't offer much help, but interested in hearing the story.
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Re: 1959 R69

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Well lots of progress made on this bike over the last summer.

Mostly thanks to a great group of guys I met via facebook that are 2 hour or so south of me.

Everything has been cleaned, disassembled, reworked.

Cylinders reworked for new pistons.

New ikon dampeners front and rear.

New stainless exhaust

New Heidenau k34 tires, tubes.

Center stand fixed

trans and shaft drive resealed

New handlebars went more stock vs the tall US that was on there.

New led headlight and tail light inserts from Vech

Speedo restored

brakes relined, hubcaps cleaned and painted.

New stainless steel spokes

Hope to have a rolling chassis by late January. With any luck, i'll be riding her next summer.

Frame and luggage rack out for powder coating.

Still trying to find a painter that's reasonable. It's insane how much they want for 2 fenders and a gas tank.

Unfortunately for those that remember this was my Uncles bike that he bought in Germany and brought back during his army days passed a few weeks ago. I was hoping for a photo op with him and the restored bike.

I'm deep into this project but so far I'm staying under budget.

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Re: 1959 R60

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Once this is done I would be very interested in your thoughts on the Ikon dampeners.

Everything else looks like you made some very good progress!!!
James Wonder
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Re: 1959 R60

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For what it's worth, I had my front fender painted and striped for about $150. There's a local body shop that I've relied on several times in the past, and as an established customer I asked them to shoot the fender during a slow time--after I had done some of the labor stripping away the old paint. There was no rust or dents to deal with. The shop uses Glasurit, but these days it's base and clear, not single stage. One of their crew is a striper with a steady hand. A supercritical concours judge might fault the result, but to me it looks every bit as good as the rest of the bike. For the hubcaps and air cleaner you can use rattle cans.

The tank is the piece that is most critical, and for that you may want to evaluate several examples of your painter's work before you entrust it to him/her.

If you plan to take the bike to Quail Lodge, pretend you never saw this message. My point is that you don't have to pay thousands for a paint job if you are not building a show bike. You could even do it yourself if you are brave.
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