R67 Bell housing

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R67 Bell housing

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I am restoring a R67.
Anyone out there have thoughts on the drive shaft bell housing.
The one i have looks to have been cast with a cast finish and has rectangle hole for install/removal.

Thank for any information.


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The very last plungers, from

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The very last plungers, from sometime in '55 and '56 had a cast bell housing as compared with the earlier where the housing was chrome plated steel. As for rectangular install hole, I dunno but sounds like typical damage by someone who didn't realize it was a left hand thread, or didn't have a proper pin wrench/used a drift instead? If your R67 is "/3", the driveshaft is original to the bike.

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Bell Housing at front or rear of the driveshaft?

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I too am restoring a R67. The first year model, '51, appears not to have a bell housing shield at the front of the driveshaft where it emerges from the transmission. The rear U-joint cover appears to be of chrome plated steel. If you're referring to the front cover over the rubber or leather drive "puck", I believe that is original only to later plungers. I could be very much mistaken, so please pardon my ignorance.

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