Best option for a new R27 coil

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Grant R26
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Best option for a new R27 coil

Post by Grant R26 »

I figure the coil in my 62 R27 might be the original.

I have newish battery with full charge, new sparkplug and HT line. The timing, valves, points are all as they should be and carb is freshly overhauled and setup as it should. But the bike is noticeably harder to start than in the past. And I recall that years ago, it was always a first kick starter.

I know that these 6 volt coil-systems are fussy; for example, if I accidentally nudge my blinker switch as i reach for the throttle when I'm starting the bike, just the extra load of the single festoon blinker-bulb will make it harder to start.

So I'm figuring...I am probably well past time for a new coil.

My question: are there"better" coils ?

And what would be the best coil for my R27 and where can I order it ?

thanks for the input
Grant in Toronto

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San Arthur
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Re: Best option for a new R27 coil

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Hi, I'm not an expert of electrics, but what your describe sounds more like a bad ground then blinker drawing current away from the coil.

Just my 2 cents.
San Arthur in San Antonio, Texas
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Re: Best option for a new R27 coil

Post by vechorik1373 »

If you want to order a new coil, MAX BMW has all my stock from Bench Mark Works. I had coils in stock.
The parts number is:
12 13 8 030 025 -- ignition coil 6v R27 R51/2 R71 R61
Technical Adviser, Former owner, Bench Mark Works
662 312 2838 cell 9 am to 4pm CST PLEASE!

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