that darned manifold!

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that darned manifold!

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say, does anyone have-or know anyone who might have an early R62/R11 manifold for sale? or does anyone repop them? mine is chewed up and the only repop i can find is the the later kind that was used on the R12, the one with the pre-heater tubes coming out the front.

on another post i had mentioned the manifold as one of the reasons i thought to swap out my single sum carb for a dual my keeping the single carb might be determined by which i come accross first-carbs or manifold.

i know: i'll just get an old stromberg and bob's your uncle!

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Hi Barry. I may be able to help you with a manifold. If you email me on I can send you some photos.

Barry Robin
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thanks for the offer. i'll

Post by Barry Robin »

thanks for the offer. i'll send you off a note via email...


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