R11 parts.

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R11 parts.

Post by Darryl.Richman »

If you are interested in reproduction parts, you should check out Oldtimer Garage in Poland. I've had good luck with his parts.
--Darryl Richman

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R11 parts.

Post by norwaybike »

Thanks, Darryl.

I see some parts I need. Maybe he has/can get more part than on his webside.

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R11 parts.

Post by BMWR12 »

Keep your eyes on Ebay germany, you would be supised what shows up on there. I believe Dreher has a good amount of R11 parts too.

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R11 parts.

Post by VBMWMO »

I am restoring an 1934 R11, and of course I need some part.

- complete driveshaft (have the "kegelrad"), but need the brakedrum, it's the width type.
- pedal and adjustment mechanism on the kardanbrake
- the plate between engine and gearbox.
- headlight for serie 4/5 R11
- airfilters

So I wonder if some of you have or know about these parts?
Where can I get the parts?
I have another R11 frame, R11 kardanhouse serie 2, and an R12 gearbox for sale/trade.

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