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repro r12 cylinders

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repro r12 cylinders

Post by dBDawg »

Is there a reason no one makes repros of these cylinders? Or have I just not found them? Or did i just cross the purist line? lol.

Anyways, Seems like a needed part, but i could be wrong.

I'm just trying to determine if it's worth developing [further] and just wanted some input. I have a quote to get some made, but i don't have means to machine them or an engine to test them.

The only reason i've gone down this road is because the cost to repair my original cylinders is easily reduced with only small scaling of new quantities and my experience of getting them repaired in the states was rather frustrating and long winded. I didn't think i'd get them back at one point and it led me to reverse engineering it. But after 2 and 1/2 years, i got the cylinders back and the workmanship was spectacular. However, the experience was not fun.

if this seems worth it, I suppose I'm wondering if anyone's interested in donating machining and testing on an engine in the end. or has an r11 or r12 engine case they'd like to sell me.

Thanks for reading.

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