R11 wiring

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R11 wiring

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does anyone have a wiring diagram for a series 5 R11? And if you do, a wiring diagram that's labeled detailed enough I don't blow anything up or ruin the magneto (if that's even possible?). idk. I have an R12 diagram, but nothing is labeled and I can't tell what some of the parts are suppose to be. One looks like a fuse, but not sure what kind and two other objects look like lights, but the headlight and rear light are already pictured. I realize this post can sound a little green, but after seven years of resurrecting a basket case, this bird is almost ready to fly, and I don't want to not screw this part up. Thanks for any help in advance. Also, thanks to any and all members whom have helped in the past.

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I didn't see anything here,

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I didn't see anything here, but this is a source of older stuff:

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This may help

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Hi, I am not sure, because think these are for the R12, but these might help and are equal to the late R11.
Good luck.
1477c266-6988-4feb-bb4a-7ada4f3463c8.jpeg (97.05 KiB) Viewed 148 times
c69aa153-cf7d-4b90-a071-5e4f19740217.jpeg (103.03 KiB) Viewed 148 times

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The R12 diagram shown is ok

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The R12 diagram shown is ok to follow. The light switch in the headlamp is obviously different to R12 but the numbers still coincide. The two lights shown with inline fuse are sidecar lighting. 31 is the earthing and runs to the engine casing, the horn earths to the bars through the switch. I did put an inline fuse straight off the battery more recently but ran it for years without. I thought I had a diagram for R11 but can’t find it at the moment. I’ve still got loads of stuff packed away in storage and sorry can’t be more useful. I have to unpack it all shortly and dust the R11 down as I am taking it on a trip in May. Would like to see how your bike is coming along.

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