BMW R71 Fuel tank

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BMW R71 Fuel tank

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A friend of mine is after a BMW R71 fuel tank, the chances of finding an original look remote and at a high price so a replica is the next option. I did recommend Oldtimer garage in Poland but they have sold out, not sure when they are getting more made. Would be interested to know if Oldtimer garage get their tanks made in Europe or from India. Seen plenty of ones for sale on eBay but its a bit worrying what you may end up with, plus some of these tanks look dumpy in shape as compared to the sleeker looks of an original. What do you guys think and recommend, avoid Indian made tanks or are there manufactures out there that are recommended. I think avoiding a painted tank would be a sensible step forward as paint would hide a number of sins such as dents, bad welding and filler, so you can see the workmanship, what i have seen so far looks a bit suspect and would involve more work to sort out, nothing worse that riding a bike and staring at bad workmanship that niggles your day, best to have one in the raw.

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There is one on eBay now as I

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There is one on eBay now as I remember. At least you know it might fit.

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