R12/17 fork oil

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R12/17 fork oil

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Anyone happen to know what weight fork oil to use in a R12/17?

Thanks for any information.


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Re: R12/17 fork oil

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I am trying to do a bit of research on this, and I found in the library a handwritten note that states that it takes 0.125 Liters of "shock oil" with another source specifying Mobiloil 'AF'. If that is true, Mobiloil 'AF' is 40w.

I am sure you already have that, but figure I would get it on the forum for reference.

I am still looking around to find anything else.
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Re: R12/17 fork oil

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I agree, it was 40w engine oil originally.
I have successfully used modern, non foaming, 40w fork oil made by PJ 1 which can be ordered through any bike shop that buys from Parts Unlimited.
Or, you can simply use regular old 40w engine oil.
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