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Re: Bench Mark Works Sold

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I'm sorry some of you have had less than stellar service, but you know, I am still here, and still answering questions from anyone, so you can email me direct at or call me and I can give you part numbers for what you want to order from MAX, since they have all of my stock. Needless to say, my answers may not be instantaneous, but you will get reply. Tell me what your looking for, I'll tell you the part numbers.
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Re: Bench Mark Works Sold

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I want to thank Vech for continuing to support we former customers. I called him about problems I'm having with new R50 piston rings and, of course, following his advice has solved my problem. As my father owned a few small businesses over his lifetime, I know how committed the owners/founders can be if they want to. Vech REALLY wants to.

But I hear Vech is about ready to purchase his own nation-island in the South Pacific and I understand that all he's waiting for is the Emerging Nation Grant from the US State Department. As a long-suffering taxpayer, that's a hell of a lot better than any other State Department activities I've heard about. But I'm thrilled to send Javelins to any Ukranians who THINK they can identify a Russian tank. Just aim for the "Z".

Time to bitch about MaxBMW again. I was truy impressed when Francis in CT parts called me to tell me he found me a /2 magneto rotor. He remembered to call me even after quite a few weeks had gone by. Now, that's the kind of service I usually got from BenchMark Works. So I thought I'd give them one more try; maybe they had enough time to straighten out.

APPARENTLY NOT! I spoke to another parts employee, looking for R50 carb jets. I confused him pretty quickly so, NP, I sent him a picture of the jets AND part numbers. And I waited. After four days of no news, and repeated phone calls, I cancelled the order and went back to my new BFF, Charlie at Blue Moon. I sent the same paperwork to Charlie at Blue Moon and I had an invoice and delivery times within an hour via email.

The guys at Max BMW are clearly overwhelmed and can't handle the new business. They are frustrated. What a way to run a very good business into the ground.

Richard would be a Godsend to these people. They need a crash course on the parts likely to be needed for restoring a /2, the shop needs commercial-level call center software and SOMEBODY TO ANSWER THE PHONE AND FOLLOW UP ON ORDERS. This bush-league voicemail system they use is embarrassing for all involved. What a mess.

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