BMW GS ZOOM Party Nov. 1 - Free

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BMW GS ZOOM Party Nov. 1 - Free

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40 Years of GS motorcycles is going ZOOM on November 1. Secrets, insider information, small and tall tales, photos and dispelling myths and fake reportage. on their homepage, under Community and then Events, scroll down to find how to register for the party.

Hans Muth, the "father" (designer) of the GS will be featured, ZOOMing in from Germany. Bob Henig, the host, will take viewers on a walk-through of some of the GS history he has in his BMW Museum.

My contribution will start at 3:00 EST, during which I will explain how the relationship between my tired, worn out, and often put away wet, 1981 R80G/S (known as "Ugly Helga") and that of a well known song "Come And Get Your Love" by the group named Redbone came about when I met the lead singer, Lolly Vegas and he looked at the motorcycle.

If prompted, I might also bring readers of my new book, ADVENTURE MOTORCYCLIST: FRAZIER SHRUGGED up to date on the recent adventure described in the book as the Broke Bike Mountain Adventure Ride with the 1995 BMW R100GSPD Classic, an unpublished secret.

Dr. Gregory Frazier
Author/Journalist/Motorcycle Wastrel and self-proclaimed "World's Best Motorcycle Adventure Sleeper"

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