Oregon to California July/August 2017

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ladslip in may in the big sur area?

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hello cole

wasn`t there a large landslip in the big sur area (not far from to the rocky Creek Bridge) in may this year?


we did a part of this tour last year in September. but we skipped LA at Santa Monica , driving through the Angeles forest, then direction Ridgecrest, Palmdale to visit the phanstastic Sequioa Park and Yosemite, Mono Lake, Lake Tahoe and so on.

From Reno we`ve been driving directly back to the coast, means Eureka, and then back the Redwoods and the Lost Coast with visits Mendocino, Point Arena, Point Reyes and back to San Francisco.

3000 miles in 10 days :-) and 30 GB of Digital Images (lot of work)
regards from germany


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dont underestimate your value....

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as another resident of portland and a new bmw owner its pretty cool o to offer the invite kind of reminds me of the seattle /portland dynamic...i would get down on a i5/101 cruise to pebble beach provided my new bike was ready...im ready to forget speed average and take my time on that kind of ride...finally might actually see the redwoods for crying out loud...again thx for seeming so genuine andkind to strangers!!! although i realize the invitation might not extend to me. but it does encourage me to ride!
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Wow, that's a trip I would

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Wow, that's a trip I would also love to do!
Maybe I can do it when I am retired soon :)

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