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Bikes on the Job

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Bikes on the Job

Post by chrishea »

Make your own event, any day is a good day for a ride. Take your machine out on an errand or two! Post a photo of your own motorcycle “on the job”.
Trip to the bakery.
Trip to the bakery.

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Re: Bikes on the Job

Post by WarrenM »

Hey Chris,
Love the thread idea. In fact, just yesterday I went to Harbor Freight to pick up a few small items. I was going to ride the Beemer due to the storage capacity of the side bags, but decided to take the KLR to hit a few dirt roads on the way home.
I was greeted by a very enthusiastic employee who spent about 20 minutes talking about the bike (KLR) and how he wanted to ride with his uncle and grandfather etc. (Vintage Indian owners) I told him next time I ride to the store, I will bring the beemer (and snap a shot of it in front of the store for the thread).
Warren Moser, Central NJ
VBMWMO Store Manager
'78 R100/7, 89 Yamaha FJ1200, 08 KLR 650

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Re: Bikes on the Job

Post by sickels »

Great idea for a thread. I often haul my little crates to the local FedEx.

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Re: Bikes on the Job

Post by scottiesharpe »

As a prop at a photo shoot!
Scottie Sharpe, Proprietor
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Re: Bikes on the Job

Post by cwf »

Yes, just ride them, that's what they're for. Getting used to /2 and small roads after 45 years of /6, /7, 80RTs and motorways.

Charlie, UK.

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Re: Bikes on the Job

Post by jimkav »

Rode to shitplant today

Dover Rider
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Re: Bikes on the Job

Post by Dover Rider »

Morning coffee on the pier. Its a tough job but.... (as the saying goes)
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1964 R 27
1964 R 27
1964 R 27

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Re: Bikes on the Job

Post by wa1nca »

Mount Equinox
Arlington, Vt.
Elevation 3840 feet
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Tommy Byrnes
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Re: Bikes on the Job (vacation ride)

Post by nutters1016 »

Love to see these bikes as everyday riders. Did a a fly and ride from NYC to Asheville NC last September on a newly acquired 1977 R100/7. Owner added RS fairing and a few other upgrades but otherwise original (points and all) Knocked off an easy 1200 miles in three days going east through Chapel Hill and up through Washington DC and upstate NY. Bike ran like a top used about a 1/2 quart of oil and no issues. Turns heads everywhere I go. Now planning a trip to southern France for next spring and want to rent a vintage BMW. Why vintage? Because it hurts my eyes to look at the newer ones. I don't understand all the pointy stuff/stuck on plastic bits/fat chunks of stuff stuck to these bikes. I'm worried I my cut myself if I get to close. Any sympathy gladly accepted and or suggestions.

1959 R50
1977 R100/7

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