Bikes on the Job

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Bikes on the Job

Post by chrishea »

Make your own event, any day is a good day for a ride. Take your machine out on an errand or two! Post a photo of your own motorcycle “on the job”.
Trip to the bakery.
Trip to the bakery.

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Re: Bikes on the Job

Post by WarrenM »

Hey Chris,
Love the thread idea. In fact, just yesterday I went to Harbor Freight to pick up a few small items. I was going to ride the Beemer due to the storage capacity of the side bags, but decided to take the KLR to hit a few dirt roads on the way home.
I was greeted by a very enthusiastic employee who spent about 20 minutes talking about the bike (KLR) and how he wanted to ride with his uncle and grandfather etc. (Vintage Indian owners) I told him next time I ride to the store, I will bring the beemer (and snap a shot of it in front of the store for the thread).
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Re: Bikes on the Job

Post by sickels »

Great idea for a thread. I often haul my little crates to the local FedEx.

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Re: Bikes on the Job

Post by scottiesharpe »

As a prop at a photo shoot!
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Re: Bikes on the Job

Post by cwf »

Yes, just ride them, that's what they're for. Getting used to /2 and small roads after 45 years of /6, /7, 80RTs and motorways.

Charlie, UK.

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Re: Bikes on the Job

Post by jimkav »

Rode to shitplant today

Dover Rider
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Re: Bikes on the Job

Post by Dover Rider »

Morning coffee on the pier. Its a tough job but.... (as the saying goes)
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Re: Bikes on the Job

Post by wa1nca »

Mount Equinox
Arlington, Vt.
Elevation 3840 feet
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