Potential Rally Locations

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Potential Rally Locations

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The Trustees have discussed holding a rally in 2022. Based on our membership numbers, we are targeting the following states to host a rally: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York. That isn’t to say we wouldn’t hold a rally elsewhere, however those states have high member numbers. If you are aware of any good locations for a rally or are interesting in volunteering to help put on a rally, please let us know at vicepresident@vintagebmw.org, treasurer@vintagebmw.org or PM me on this forum.

We would like to build a database of suitable rally locations. Our location criteria include an area with nice riding and with motels and restaurants nearby; we don’t feel everyone wants to camp, although we have many who will camp. The site itself should have some indoor areas: for vendors, to hold lectures and discussions, and the ability to serve indoor meals. The site should have an area for camping and room for RV and trailer parking. The site should be large enough for up to 300 attendees. In addition to all that, the rally site must be affordable.

On your travels, please keep an eye out for such a location: county fairgrounds, state parks, and private campgrounds may meet our needs. Who knows what great sites are around the next corner or beyond the next town? If not in 2022, the site may be used for 2023 or beyond.


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