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Rebuilding an F750

All about BMW in racing can be discussed. Sharing of pictures, and other information.
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Re: Rebuilding an F750

Post by Ericandchi »

Oil cooler kit mounted. Bike is essentially done except for fluids and seat foam. Next I need to go visit dad and we'll start it up.

Oil cooler
Oil cooler

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Re: Rebuilding an F750



Looks great! I've been following this build with your Dad since it started. We've had many hours of conversations about fine details. I'm pleased that the Wedgetail Ignition worked well for you. I was confident that it would, as it makes mondo bright spark, a real necessity when the long intake runners are taken off. I think a lot of custom builders will discover this going forward.

Please post some video with sound now that it runs! I can't wait. I was going to ride down to hear it start up, but with Hurricane Ian tearing up the Atlantic coast right now I figured that the riding might not be too pleasant. I hope to get down there before the bike leaves for TX, though. I'd prefer to see you when I get there but Ma Nature has a different idea. :?

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA, USA

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