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What is this?

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Parked 2Long
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Joined: Thu Apr 13, 2023 8:18 am
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What is this?

Post by Parked 2Long »

I think it is for a sidecar,
I acquired a few motorcycles and some parts.
2 of the bikes have sidecars.
a 1968 R60/2 with a Steib S500
1972 R75/5 with a Steib TR500
Both sidecars are attached to the bikes. I see no place that this would go
2 ends have a small ball, kind of like a heim joint it's heavy steel.
Thanks for any help

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Re: What is this?

Post by Flx48 »

Hi Chuck-
The photo appears to show a subframe, for mounting a sidecar on a bike not already equipped with mounting points.
Your R75/5-TR500 rig must have a similar subframe, as no mounts were provided at the factory?

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