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Can anyone recommend a painter. I have a 75 Silver Smoke but considering Daytona Orange.

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I suppose some of the answer

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I suppose some of the answer might depend on what part of the country you live in. I've not really paid attention to painter recommendations by members over the years...you could try searching the forum. But for R90S paint jobs, given the skill needed to feather the various colors together correctly, the only person who has the right colors per BMW and certainly does a great job, is Holt BMW in Athens, Ohio. He's expensive and I suspect there's quite the backlog.

Just saw an older thread on another forum, where someone asked about a painter for an R90S. One suggestion was Robert Prayther in Valley Center, California. Apparently he doesn't do pin stripes but can get someone to do that for him. He is/was the painter at a BMW dealer there.

The other suggestion was this place:


The person said it took the winter to get it done. In both of the cases above, the posters said they did good/great jobs.
Kurt in S.A.
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Appreciate the suggestions!

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Thanks for taking time to respond....


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Painter Suggestion

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Had my Flatracer replica fairing (new) painted locally by Precision Auto Body Repair in Ukiah, CA. 707-472-8269. $450
Perfect color matching, even did the pin-striping. Couple weeks turn around time. Isaias Vega is the owner...and artist.
The tank sitting next to the fairing is original BMW factory paint.
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