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A member just asked me if they can set notifications for various activities that happen on the forum and I forwarded them several links to change if you wish to get more active notifications of what is happening on the forum.

If you click on your LOGIN NAME in the upper right of the screen you will see User Control Panel appear. Click on that.

Once in User Control Panel (UCP) you will find many settings.
  • Under Edit Global Settings I have Users can contact me by email turned off. I suggest you do as well unless you like others to contact you DIRECTLY via email! The link to that page is: ucp.php?i=ucp_prefs&mode=personal
  • I also set another setting under Edit posting defaults and clicked "yes" to Notify me upon replies by default so I know when someone replies to me.
I would suggest you look around your User Control Panel and set the settings that you like in order to get the best experience from the forum as possible.

James Wonder
Long Island, New York

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