Spark plug equivalents

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Spark plug equivalents

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Vech at Bench Mark Works can set you up with the plug you need:

Check out near the bottom of this shows various cross references:

The W240 T1 is a 14mm 1/2" reach plug. In the Bosch variety, that should be W4AC or W4A2 as shown in the PDF file above. NGK B8HS or B7HS (different heat ranges) will work. This page breaks down the NGK numbering system:

This page has many cross references:

Vech posted on another forum to not use a Champion plug...he probably knows what he's talking about. Most likely, there's not a good control on the threads.

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Spark plug equivalents

Post by ferguson7349 »

Kurt, thanks a million. Your links were great resources and the NGK B8Hs is the one I'll use.


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Spark plug equivalents

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Below is such a terrific resource, it must be posted daily..
Contains all things regarding BMW spark plugs.
Equivalents are at the lowerpart of the article.

Do not leave this page without going to the Technical Index and bookmarking it! Good Luck!
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Spark plug equivalents

Post by VBMWMO »

My recently purchased 1961 R27 has the Bosch W 240 T1 sparkplug. It needs to be replaced badly and where I live the two auto parts stores do not stock Bosch.

What is the modern day closest match to that plug (either Champion or Autolite)?
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