Maintenance advice for a new owner.

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Maintenance advice for a new owner.

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Frank -

I would suggest finding either a Haynes or Clymer aftermarket manual. This will give you some specifics on how to do what. The Haynes has a maintenance schedule listed in the front. There are a few "lies" in these manuals so use common sense when reading the information. Heck, even BMW made mistakes (in terms of torque values and conversions) in their shop manual.

Another maintenance schedule is given here:

You might want to also poke around other areas of this website for tidbits on maintenance.

Are you familiar with Mark Huggett? He's supplies parts for BMWs, and he's located in Switzerland. His website is:

There's a on-line forum specific to the might want to check that out as well.

Good luck...Kurt in S.A.
Kurt in S.A.
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Maintenance advice for a new owner.

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From what I know you got a nice bike. I'd suggest reading the Owner's Manual and/or the links given here to just get familiar with the bike. I switched from Jap bikes to European back in the late '80's and found the maintenance on my R80RT pretty easy to keep up. You may find it a bit labor intensive at first as you get familiar with all the steps but I remember it getting easier and easier. I'm now returning to the marque w/ a classic 750/7 - but have been working on a Guzzi for a number of years so don't think it'll be that daunting. I'd also keep an eye out for other owners in your area - I've always enjoyed working on bikes with others - we learn a lot that way.

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Maintenance advice for a new owner.

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I wonder if someone could help me out with advice on how to maintain my 84 R65.

I just got my first bike which is an 85 R65. It was serviced with a lot of new parts at 53000km although its possible that the true mileage is a lot higher (its an ex cop bike) I know for sure it had new brakes all round and new pipes.

The bike came with no paperwork what ever no log book and no service manual. I want to keep the bike running sweet and although I am no mechanic I would like to tackle the routine stuff myself.

Is there some kind soul who would tell me what..and when I should do to maintain the bike properly or where I can find the info for myself.


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