Bmw r68

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Bmw r68

Post by Darryl.Richman »

Having fully reconditioned my bmw r68 my bike will not starting,it did on the first kick one cylinder worked left side heat up quite a lot, right cylinder did not start up.ran for about 40 seconds and stalled didn't start again until the next day again same problem.engine air breather in front on the bottom spat out dark oil but I had put new oil inside.
It sometimes acts as if it's going to but doesn't
This is What I have done
Timing (s) is correct were the (v) is lines up,OT INLET VAVLE 10 outlet valve 15 and 360% turn and The same on The other side,(F) braker plates open.
Weak spark but good enough for the bike to start,condenser is good.
Carburetors maybe are not working properly have been fully cleaned new needle 72mm new jet 1208 new main jet 115 floats are old but they float don't sink,slides have a very small play.
Can someone give some advice on what to look for or I'm doing wrong.
--Darryl Richman

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As for the valve

Post by schrader7032 »

As for the valve clearances...I presume you're saying that 10 and 15 are 0.10mm and 0.15mm for intake and exhaust. Actually, 0.15mm intake and 0.20mm exhaust might be won't fix your problem, but it is considered better.

When setting valve clearances, it is important that the side the valves are being adjusted must be at top dead center (OT) on the compression stroke. If the left side is done this way, then turning the engine 360 degrees does put the right side on the compression stroke. It is important to verify this.

It's important to get the jet needle in the carb in the correct clip position as well as the idle mixture setting. It could be that the carbs are not correctly set up for idle and for taking throttle.
Kurt in S.A.
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Bmw r68

Post by Manolis »

Thanks for the reply
did these these things and sounds much better but still is making my spark plugs poudy black not oily black must cut down on fuel ? And find the correct mix for the air intake?
And also one more problem has accounted ,front breather pipe from the timing gear cover is actually spilling out quite a bit of oil, clean oil which is not weird noises coming from engine,I have used a 2,5 liter oil pan instead of the original,oil on dip stick is correct on full.maybe I should not put oil meter to full?.a lot of compressed air is coming out of breather hole with oil.why?
I have used new gear set and replaced breather plate set completely with two pin one seems to be all correct.
Can not find any information regarding to this situation.
I have restored a few bikes r51/3 ,r67 they work wonderful .I'm not a profesianal mechanic but try to fix my own problems for my bikes and sometimes seek help from professional Mechanics and they help and guide me through.
Do you have any idea on what this could be?
Thanks for your time

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