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horn inop on /5 - grounding problem

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horn inop on /5 - grounding problem

Post by Rick65 »

My R60/5's horn suddenly stopped working. The horn was good (connected it directly to the battery), the wires were good (tested with multimeter), the horn button and headlight switch seemed ok (disassembled, cleaned, tested with multimeter). It turned out the problem was the grounding tab in the left combination switch was not making contact with the mounting screw of the housing. I tried to bend the little metal tab, but it still wouldn't reach, so I dropped some tiny snips of curled up copper wire into the screw hole in order to bridge the gap. Problem solved. Just thought I'd share.
horn button.jpg
horn button ground.jpg
Rick Reyno
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Re: horn inop on /5 - grounding problem

Post by wa1nca »

Nice fix
Tommy Byrnes
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Re: horn inop on /5 - grounding problem

Post by srankin »

Good catch and fix!

It doesn't take much to disrupt ground on things grounded to the frame.

LOL, I see a few cases from time to time of guys loosing function on things after they have painted or had the frame powder coated. They forget to clean up the ground spots on the frame to make good contact. St.
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