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GEN Light staying on

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GEN Light staying on

Post by CraigMac79 »

1983 R100 RS
I have upgraded to the following parts;
Wedgetail Ignition
Enduralast 9 tooth Starter
Enduralast 450 Watt Alternator and Diode board

The bike is running fine, but after these replacements the GEN light is remaining on. The battery is new, and holding charge, and also charging.
Once I turn the bike off by the key, the headlight stays on along with the neutral and oil pressure indicator, until something is "turned on", like the ignition button, or the horn. Then it all turns off.
Any thoughts on what is causing this issue?

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Re: GEN Light staying on

Post by schrader7032 »

The main thread has been moved to here:

Kurt in S.A.
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