Tool Roll, Old School & Fantastic, Elegant

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Tool Roll, Old School & Fantastic, Elegant

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A friend came to my house recently on his airhead and I happened to see his tool kit, it was old school awesome and SO well made and configured.
Here is the website of the guy who made it, so I ordered one
It just came and it is quite good, beautiful in its ruggedness as well as being elegant. His gear is just right to compliment an airhead.

The tool kit is not pictured on his website yet, but my friend also had a tank bag, which you can see.

I cannot recommend it more highly, I am so glad I bought it. It has space for all the typical /6 tools for instance and my friend said the tools initially fit tightly but became "Goldy Locks just right" with time.

It will compliment my R69S conversion to a T.

The owner is Matt Hawthorne in Richmond, VA. Prompt service as well.
Mac Kirkpatrick
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Re: Tool Roll, Old School & Fantastic, Elegant

Post by peteryder01 »

I bought one of these off the back of this post. Also the tank bag. just as the OP says, beautifully made and really useful. I can get a lot of useful tools in a small pack. Great service from the owner too. Highly recommended.

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