Boxer, BMW Motor Cycles from 1969 to 1985

Title: Boxer, BMW Motor Cycles from 1969 to 1985
Published by: Bodensteiner Verlag
Release Date: 2006
Contributors: Andy Schwietzer
Pages: 176

Subtitled Volume 1 - all airheads with twin shocks.

This beautiful hardback book printed on heavy, coated paper, is the translation from German of the first book in Schwietzer's two volume set covering all of the Airheads. Illustrated profusely and with many pages in full color, the book is a joy to the eyes. The text includes many sidebars highlighting interviews with people who designed and produced the motorcycles we love, including Hans Muth, designer of the R90S and the R65LS. The book includes extensive technical information about each model. The chapter on paint codes and colors, which includes color plates, is wonderful in its detail. 168 pages in total, it seems like so much more. Here's hoping that there's not too long a delay in the release of the translation of the second volume.

Genre: Competition, History, Technical