BMW Motorräder 1923-1969

Title: BMW Motorräder 1923-1969
Published by: Johann Kleine Vennekate Verlag
Pages: 217
ISBN13: 3935517165 or 978-3935517164

This lovely 217 page compendium of BMW models, printed on heavy, coated paper, is simply chock full of information. Nearly every model gets at least four pages, with many contemporary photos (often from private individuals), factory pictures and diagrams and advertisements. There's a large table in the back that has a tremendous amount of technical information about each model. There's also an appendix that describes the the prewar license plate numbers, so you can decode what you see on those "pedestrian slicers". Highly recommended for the true BMW vintage enthusiast.  In German and oversized.  Can be found on Amazon.

Genre: German Language, History, Technical