Hunter Hayes music video

This C&W video has some nice shots of an R69S in it. Don't mind the fact that the scene with Hayes "riding" the bike has the key popped up and the headlight off, while the actual riding scenes have the key down and the headlight on. It's still great to see that the younger generation finds these bikes cool enough to put into their music.

On Motorcycles over the Dolomites

Although there is no BMW content in this video, it is still a wonderful silent film with accompaniment showing how it was riding from Vienna to Mount Cristallo in the Italian Dolomites, in 1926.

Re-Creation: Barrington Motor Works

Here's a great video about Chris and Barbara Betjemann, and their restoration business in New Hampshire.

Rustoration Video Series!

This three part video is wonderful to watch. Tall Wayne's dry sense of humor adds the right touch to it!