Incredible R12 Adventure across Russia in Winter

Even if you don't understand the French, watch as Eric Dumas and François Thomas travel on a sidecar outfitted R12 through the winter from Thiers, France to Lake Baikal, Russia and Mongolia. They do this on a budget of 4 euros per day per person, exclusive of gas.

Let's build an R90S!

No, not the one from MAX BMW, this shows how it was done in the day. BTW, I always fill my transmission this way...

The Great R17 Drag Race

Watch as two mid 1930s R17s go head to head!

Taking 4 BMW bikes on ultimate TT road trip to the Isle of Man

This half-hour long documentary follows a quartet of Germans on old BMW motorcycles as they travel from Berlin to the Isle of Man. It's entirely in German - there are English subtitles - but that doesn't mean it's not something that is totally worth checking out. This vid isn't just great because of the TT, though.