Boxer, BMW Motor Cycles from 1969 to 1985

Schwietzer, Andy
Bodensteiner Verlag

Subtitled Volume 1 - all airheads with twin shocks.

BMW Motorräder 1923-1969

Stegmann, Hans-Lothar and Vennekate, Johann Kleine
Johann Kleine Vennekate Verlag

This lovely 217 page compendium of BMW models, printed on heavy, coated paper, is simply chock full of information. Nearly every model gets at least four pages, with many contemporary photos (often from private individuals), factory pictures and diagrams and advertisements. There's a large table in the back that has a tremendous amount of technical information about each model.

BMW /2 Electrics

Rinckes, Doug

Doug Rinckes' book covers the electrical systems of the R25, R26 and R27 singles, as well as the R50-69S twins. It includes a great deal of information and procedures, and is heavily illustrated. Full color wiring diagrams are included, as well as specifications and common modifications. It's available from Bench Mark Works. It's softcover, wire bound, has 66 pages and 49 illustrations. Highly recommended!

Rebuild Videos: Engines 1955-1969; Transmissions /2, /5, /6 and /7; and Wheels

Cycle Works

Engines 1955-69 Part 1, 107 minutes

Engines 1955-69 Part 2, 61 minutes

Transmission Rebuild /2, /5, /6, /7, 120 minutes

Wheels, 63 minutes

Service Bulletins: 1955-1969


These reprints cover /2 and R27 technical modifications and recommendations made by the factory as these bikes were improved. Available from Cycle Works, Inc.

Reparaturanleitung BMW R51/2

Workshop Manual (reprint) in German only.

Reparaturanleitung 1951-1954 BMW

Workshop Manual (reprint) in French, English, Spanish and German.

Reparaturanleitung BMW R26/27

Workshop Manual (reprint) in French, English, Spanish and German.

Reparaturanleitung BMW R50/60/69

Workshop Manual (reprint) in French, English, Spanish and German. Very thorough, but not particularly easy to work with.

Motorcycles of the Wehrmacht: A Photo Chronicle

Hinrichsen, Horst

Documents the day to day life of wartime German soldiers on their motorcycles. Includes detailed information on various paint schemes of German motorcycles during the course of the war, and detailed information on the BMW R75 and the Zundapp KS750. Available from Amazon.
Hdbd. 192 pages, over 300 ill.

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