3rd Quarter BMW Council News Released

Munich, Germany

The 3/11 edition (3rd quarter 2011) of the BMW Clubs International Council Newsletter is now online as a PDF at the Council's website.

R90S.com joins VBMWMO


Today we announce the merger of Andrew Macpherson's website, R90S.com, which focuses specifically on the BMW R90S model, into the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners club's more general website. By combining forces, we hope to increase awareness of this special model and provide a single place to find information about all vintage BMW motorcycles.

Whitehorse Press to Reprint Bill Stermer's "BMW R100RS"


"BMW R100RS" by Bill Stermer, a timeless book in the Whitehorse Press Collector Series is
back in print by popular demand!

2nd Quarter BMW Council News Released

Munich, Germany

The 2/11 edition (2nd quarter 2011) of the BMW Clubs International Council Newsletter is now online as a PDF at the Council's website.

Chicago Vintage Racing Sets New Records!

05/13/2011 - 05/15/2011
Maxton, NC

Chicago Vintage Racing (Daniel May and Rebecca Berneck) traveled to the ECTA (East Coast Timing Association) May 2011 meet in Maxton, North Carolina on May 13-15, 2011, with a vision to beat the standing land speed record in the P/PV-250/4 motorcycle class set last October, in addition to setting a new record in the MPS/VG-250/4 class.

Classic BMW Motorräder Magazine Launches

Troy, OH

The Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners, Inc. (VBMWMO) is pleased to announce today the release of the first issue of a new, vibrant quarterly magazine entitled the Classic BMW Motorräder. It promises to infuse its members’ passions with all things BMW, Pre-War, Post-War and Classics, while encompassing all BMW motorcycles twenty-five years and older. The Classic BMW Motorräder will contain new and exciting informative articles from several new authors from all over the world.

Alongside the VBMWMO’s current website (http://www.vintagebmw.org), a new website dedicated to Classic BMW Motorräder is online at http://www.classicbmwmotorraeder.org.

VBMWMO Present at 4th Quail Motorcycle Gathering

The Quail Lodge, Carmel, CA

UPDATE: There's an article in today's LA Times about the Quail Lodge Motorcycle Gathering. Remember, the VBMWMO will be there on Saturday!

New Land Speed Records Set on R25/3

10/30/2010 - 10/31/2010
Maxton, North Carolina

Word is in that long time vintage BMW rider and restorer, Daniel May and racer Rebecca Berneck, have just set three new top speed records in 250cc Vintage classes. Our congratulations go out to them!

The new top speed in the P/PV-250/4 class of 72.08536 mph was set at the Maxton Mile during the October ECTA meet there over the weekend of October 30 and 31 by Berneck. May set records in two other categories with the bike as well.

EPA announces waiver to allow 15% ethanol fuel


The US EPA announced that it would be allowing the sale of E15 fuel (15% ethanol/85% gasoline) for use in cars and light duty trucks beginning with Model Year (MY) 2007 and newer, and that they are investigating allowing E15 sales for cars and light trucks from MY 2001 and newer. The report on that may be issued next month. Motorcycles, heavy duty vehicles and off road engines are explicitly exempted from the waiver because of a lack of testing.

How does this affect older vehicles? What will this do to our ability to run our vintage bikes?

12/20/2010 Update: Automakers, Boatmakers and the Power Sports industry filed suit to prevent implementation of the waiver today.

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