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Model Specifications
Displacement 898cc
Cylinders 2
Bore x Stroke (mm) 90 x 70.6
HP @ RPM 67 @ 7000
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Valves OHV, 2 per cylinder
Clutch Dry, single plate, cable operated
Transmission 5 speed, foot shifted
Final Drive Driveshaft
Running Gear
Frame Tubular steel double cradle
Front Suspension Hydraulically damped telescopic fork
Rear Suspension Twin shock swingarm
Front Brakes Dual ATE 260mm disc with single piston
Rear Brakes 200mm drum, single leading shoe
Ignition Battery/coil
Spark Plugs Bosch W5DC
Generator Bosch G1 14 13V 21A 280W
Capacities & Measurements
Weight 220kg
Fuel 24l
Wheelbase 1465mm
Top Speed 200kph
Number Produced 17465
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When reinstalling the plate that holds the steering damper do the teeth go towards the higher forward position or...
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I am reassembling the choke after replacing the cables and I am having a challenge. When I took it apart there was a...
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Howdy R90S Lovers Just wondered if you have added a GPS to your R90S ??? If you have I would love to see how you did....
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