Motorcycle Collector Magazine

A high quality magazine devoted to all aspects of vintage and classic motorcycling. Limited classified ads.

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Motorcycle Shopper

Another large listing of motorcycle classified ads. Also lists upcoming events, club addresses, etc.


Walneck's Classic Cycle Trader

The largest and most venerable publication of motorcycle classified ads. Also reprints of old road tests.

Panzer-Grenadier, Motorcycle & Panzer Reconnaissance Units

Scheibert, Horst

The first documented account of the organization, equipment and operations of these wartime units. Available from Amazon.
Hdbd. 175 pages, over 250 ill.

Motorcycles of the Wehrmacht: A Photo Chronicle

Hinrichsen, Horst

Documents the day to day life of wartime German soldiers on their motorcycles. Includes detailed information on various paint schemes of German motorcycles during the course of the war, and detailed information on the BMW R75 and the Zundapp KS750. Available from Amazon.
Hdbd. 192 pages, over 300 ill.

German Motorcycles in WWII

Knittel, Stefan

This English translation of Knittel's Deutsche Kräder im Kriege covers the BMW R4, R12 and R75, as well as other German makes conscripted into service, such as Zundapp, DKW, NSU, Triumph (no relation to the British) and Victoria.
Sftbd. 48 pages, 111 ill.

BMW Motorcycles in WWII

Piepalkiewicz, Janusz

Features mostly-unpublished photographs of the German "war elephant", the R75 with its powered sidecar, as well as the R4 and R12 in action. Most of the photographs are dramatic, some are dramatically breathtaking. Also includes exact technical drawings and specifications.
Hdbd. 189 pages, over 240 ill.

German Military Motorcycles in the Reichswehr and Wehrmacht 1934-1945

Hinrichsen, Horst

Comprehensive photographic documentation of German cycles and their riders, including those manufactured by Terrot, Rene Gillet and Gnome et Rhone. Also includes motorcycles captured from the Allies, along with solo and sidecar machines of FN, Indian, Harley-Davidson, BSA and Norton, plus Flying Flea, Welbike and Cushman. Discusses heating systems in heavy BMW and Zundapp machines, and protective overcoats made for riders and passengers.
Hdbd. 200 pages, over 300 B&W ill.

BMW: Freiheit auf zwei Rädern; Charakter einer Motorradmarke

Lingnau, Gerold

A photographic history of BMW motorcycles from the R32 through the 1976 R100RS to the 1981 R65LS.
Hdbd. 160 pages, 286 B&W and color ill.

BMW-Motorräder -Entwicklung, Typen, Technik


An extensive and comprehensive model-by-model history with complete technical specifications, and data on BMW racing machines.

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