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I just found this video that BMW put out for their 90th birthday.


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That's really cool...gave me

That's really cool...gave me chills at one point. Too bad it's so washed out...I guess that was the "artist" in them.

Update: Hmmm...I watched it again and it's much clearer. Don't know why but the first time, the colors, etc., were just real washed out. Oh wel...


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I'd think

I'd think the Earls fork era (about 15 of 90 years of production) would have gotten more than 3 seconds of time and in that, not one "glamor" shot of a road bike or side hack rig! I guess it was not a good time for the company and perhaps they don't see it as their golden age. I do. Nice to see the R80 (R100?) included and a bit of the oil head years... which are approaching classic age now at about 23 years for their introduction. How did that happen? Unlike some I like them all..... well no chain/belt drive for me!


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That was a cool video

That was a cool video


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