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Doing an engine rebuild on my R69s. My original chrome pushrod tubes are pretty good, almost good enough to polish and reuse, but not quite. There are a few pinholes of corrosion which will certainly start corroding again. So, stainless replacements are $35 each; I got an estimate over the phone for $25 each to rechrome my originals. My concern is that the re-chrome may make it impossible to re-insert them, due to the very tight tolerance required. The re-chromer said his process can't be controlled to insure exact diameter match. Opinions I've been able to get are A. It needs to be right just to go in AND also fit tight enough and B. It will "probably be ok".

Any experience with doing this or suggestions? I would really like to keep to original chrome tubes. Might I have to simply take the chance to see if they will fit, and then buy stainless if they don't?

Thanks for any advice, a quick search didn't turn up anything specific.

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For the $40.00 difference I would go with the stainless steel. It will not rust or pit and you will not have to worry about the fit and possibly spending even more to get it right.

Good luck!


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Chrome is .001 - .005 thick,

Chrome is .001 - .005 thick, can be up to .050, yikes!

I'd go with stainless only because you'll never do it again, PLUS stainless canbe buffed up to mirror just like chrome.

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Yes true.

I found out that new chrome tubes are available for almost the same cost as stainless and today a longtime Beemer expert expressed to me his preference for the original chrome/steel. He said he felt they were better made, because the stainless seem to be rolled from flat pieces and aren't always truly round. Apparently he had trouble inserting then in the past.

This original/flawed in one way vs modern/not original and flawed in a different way is maddening. I guess it's foolishly optimistic to
think I'll keep the chrome ones corrosion free.

Does stainless refitting negatively affect value?

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I have also heard complaints

I have also heard complaints about stainless tubes not fitting well. I actually bought a set and never installed them because of this. I did not want to risk a leak. I was able to clean up the originals and they look just fine on my unrestored bike.


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