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I just posted a new section on this project, 1973 BMW R75/5: 13 Bing Carburetor Rebuild, on my wife's R75/5.

You will find links to other sections I've written on this project on the right side of the page. Feel free to post any comments, questions, tips, etc. I greatly appreciate the feedback and I hope this information is helpful.

Here are a couple of pictures you will find in this section

Starting Out

Tools for Cleaning and Refinishing

Before and After Soaking In Parts Cleaner

Float Bowl Crud

Overnight Soak in ChemTool B12

Hucky's Rebuild Kit

Main Jet Parts Order

Rebuilt and Restored

Rebuilt and Restored

Rebuilt and Restored


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Wow how did you get the cabs

Wow how did you get the cabs so clean and shiny?!

EDIT: Doh, missed your link in the beginning. My mistake

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Woah. I wanna clean out and

Woah. I wanna clean out and rebuild my carbs so bad, but I'm freggin' terrified. You make it look so easy..


Philipp Alexander Detscher 1976 R60/6

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