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I am new to VBMWMO and apologies if this has been described in the past. I have noticed most if not all center stands have holes in the tubing after years of grinding into concrete. I re-soled the stand on my '73 R75/5 with 1/8" x 3/4" flat bar from Home Depot, using a 5" piece for the right "foot" and 6" for the left "foot". I used a hammer and anvil to form the steel bar to the proper shape to matching the curve of each foot. I then held the bar in place with clamps and welded it over damaged areas. The center stand tubing is very thin, so take care when welding on it as it is easy to burn through. I would be glad to consider repairing a club member's center stand in this manner if anyone is interested, for the price of shipping.

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