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As I write this, I am lying comfortably in my hospital bed at Ukiah Valley Medical Center. I haven't yet seen the doctor this morning, but I assume that the surgery on my foot to insert a couple pins to stabilize the number 2, 3 and 4 metatarsals yesterday evening went well. I have not seen, but am told, that the R52 is in surprisingly good shape.

I am disappointed, not so much for myself, but for my teammates and everyone who has supported Team Boxer Rebellion and has been following our trials and tribulations. After finally working through a number of problems and getting help from other teams and even wonderful help from Brent Lamb (Lamb Cylinder) and Fred Wiley at Big Twin BMW in Boise, and from Vech (Bench Mark Works) and Brent (Brent's Motor Works), things were looking up.

I want to apologize deeply for letting everyone down. Steve and Don put in countless tireless hours and were helpful at every point. So to have ended our run by having an accident is a bitter pill for me. I am extremely sorry.

There's not much to relate: we were back in California and the route was going down CA-1 from Leggett to Westport, which I wrote about previously. This is a favorite road of mine. The bike was running well and, about 10 miles down, I was having a great time. But I went through a corner and tried to lean the bike beyond its cornering clearance, which is limited by the floorboards. I scraped the bottom of the left floorboard and levered the rear tire free, then the bike and I, probably travelling about 25mph, took a tangent out of the curve and over the edge. This area is very steep with loose dirt and lots of trees. I was extremely lucky that the bike was hooked by a young tree, which hung onto both the bike and me.

I managed to climb back up to the road. I could feel that my left foot was sore, and I got my boots off, with Jeff Wu's help. The top of my foot was swollen, but so long as I didn't try to put weight on the foot, not painful. Jeff had some Advil and I kept the foot elevated by lying on the ground and propping my left leg on Jeff's bike's footpegs. Lonny Isam, the organizer, was among the first people to come by, and he was very helpful. Eventually a tow truck arrived, and with the help of a number of riders, they retrieved the bike. Jeff had called Steve, who returned from Willits with our support van, and the bike was loaded into it.

Photo by, I believe, Somer Hooker, used without permission

Because I could move my toes and ankle, and had no pain other than when I tried to put weight on my foot, I elected to have Steve drive me to an urgent care facility. This was probably not the wisest course of action, but I think it turned out ok anyway. It happened that the nearest one was in a hospital facility in Ukiah. As soon as the nurse practitioner had a look at the swelling on my foot, she told me I had to go to the emergency room. A series of X-rays showed broken bones and an unstable injury, and I was scheduled for surgery to pin them. I slept well overnight, but don't know exactly what my prognosis is at this point.

I do know that I won't be riding to the finish today, but I do wish the best for the other riders. The event has had a lot of ups and downs, and I hope that there are no further downs for any of the other riders.


Hope for a fast recovery

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Hi Darryl,
We are so sorry for your accident, unfortunately they happens all the time.
We been following your struggle and are truly impressed of all the work and problems solving you have done down the road.

Glad to know you!

Hope a fast recovery.

Speedy recovery to you and the R52

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Hi Darryl,
I feel your disappointment but no apolgies are necessary. I wish you a speedy recovery, and do not add mental anguish to the physical. These things happen, though we look back retrospectively and think what we did wrong, that is not productive right now. And sometimes not productive, period. We all know not to scrape hardware, we all have done it, and sometimes it happens when we least expect it. Just get better. That's the important thing.



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Crashing is a bummer, no matter how you look at it. However, it's unfortunate that you got busted up some but fortunate that it's no worse than it is.

Let me offer a perspective you're missing when you feel you've let anyone down. Consider that a number of us have been following every miles your ridden with envy, hope for the best and significant interest. We can't all be there to join you, but you allowed us to be part of the ride from behind computer screens. Sure, we'd all prefer you rode on in - but sometimes life happens.

Heal quickly Darryl. Keep me/us updated on prognosis and progress. Tell Don and Steve I said Hi.


sorry for you

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Dear Darryl,
I'm so sorry that this has happened, but I'm glad that you are able to tell about it yourself!
Get well as soon as possible, no one will blame you for this. (But you... ) ;o)

Big hug,

Get Well Soon!

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Sorry to read that!

Hope you and the bike will be okay soon!

Armand, Caroline + Felix

Heal Well

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Glad to hear things are not worse.
It's been a strong and determined effort by all involved and you and your team should be proud.

See you soon at Joa's,

Darryl, it has been nice to

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Darryl, it has been nice to follow you on your tour.
My wishes for a speedy recovery.
Next year in Friuli!

fingers crossed for a speedy recovery

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Hi Darryl,

I am sooooo sorry for you and your R 52! So I am wishing you a very speedy recovery! It seems that you have had tons of luck and wonderful helper!

Gute Besserung Smile

Can't keep a good man down for long

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Darryl, Please, no apologies are necessary nor expected. You have shown your mettle and fortitude many days ago. I and many others are proud of you and Team 52's magnificent efforts during the 2012 Cannonball. In our hearts, you cats are winners.

Rest easy, big guy. Be nice in hospital or Nurse Ratched will be all over you... and not in a good way.

Darryl Take your time and

Stefan K's picture


Take your time and heal, you gave it your best shot... Now you're that much more prepared for your next assault on the Cannonball 2013!

See you soon...

Glad to know you will recover

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Daryl, no apologies necessary so don't beat yourself up. You'll heal and be ready to go again. Hopefully the bike will be OK as well. Just build on what you have learned. You have a great story hear and I'm looking forward to the full story, complete with photos.
All the best amigo, Mike


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Tom said it perfectly. I agree. We've all BT and DT. You heal right up; the rest is just stuff.

Get well soon

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glad that you are able to write this report yourself!
I do hate to read of accidents - especially from people I know.
Bad luck that it happened and I know that it will bother you
big time that you will not make it to the finish line. Anyhow
there will be another Cannonball and as long as you are getting
well again I'm positive that we'll see you there again.

So all the best for a fast recovery!

Georg S.

Hoping you feel better soon

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I was in Cotat at Michaell's H-D yesterday afternoon to see the bikes that had arrived, and when I didn't see you or your bike I was hoping you were okay. I was talking with one of the other Cannonball riders (unfortunately I don't remember who it was) and mentioned that I was looking for you. He told me what happened and I was so surprised at the news I had a hard time hearing all he said. But I got the gist of it and realized you were okay except for your ankle. Sigh of relief but also sad to hear.

I know you are disappointed, but I know Team 52 is with you whatever the outcome of the ride. You overcame much diversity and still continued on. I commend you. Now it's time to spend your energy healing your foot.

All the best to you from me and the folks on the R65 Forum.


There's a bright side

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You've had an adventure that few of us can but dream about, Darryl. You and your team have experienced the thrill of challenge, and overcoming adversity, and working together to live that dream. Broken foot aside, you've mastered that adventure, come out on top of it, if not on top of the heap of competitors. Your foot will heal, and the R52 will heal also.

We were not just betting on you to win; we were following your adventure, win, lose, or draw. I will say no more, but know that I am filled with respect. Job well done, if not perfectly completed.

Perfection is elusive. Adventures are lifetime memories. Heal quickly. That bike needs some wrenching....

Down, but not out

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Hi Darryl,

Sorry to hear about the crash, glad it didn't turn out worse.......heal up thoroughly; we will be waiting for Team 52's entry next year.

Take care,

Hi Darryl,

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sorry to read this. First info on CB page was saying you are more or less ok and can make it over the Bridge. Not with your bike, but in a car. Wishing you all the best. Anyway, after a while you will remember the good things of Cannonball only. Take care. Thomas

All is not lost

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I am so sorry to here about your crash but glad o know you were not injured too badly. Your ankle will and you will fix your beloved bike back for another run. Let me know if I can be of any service to you.

Cheers and get well soon!

Tai Day

Very sorry to hear about your

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Very sorry to hear about your crash, and wish you a speedy recovery. I would also like to thank you for your regular updates on the cannonball. I am sure it must have been a chore at times after long tiring and sometimes difficult days.

Heal Well!

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I'm amazed they did the surgery same-day. I busted my #5 metatarsal into a bunch of little pieces back in July, and the Orthopedist waited 2 weeks to operate so the swelling would go down. so that was 2 weeks in a splint, 4 weeks in a cast, and I'm on week 3 in a 'boot' now, hoping to go back to regular shoes next week after my next doctor visit.

do NOT overdo it, those pinned bones are very fragile for the first month (I've got 3 screws and 2 pins in the rear end of my #5 metatarsal). Only this past few days have I been able to hobble around in this 'boot' without a crutch. the entire time in the cast was ZERO weight, cast in air.

btw, Dr Abidi here in Santa Cruz is *the* local foot bone doc. somewhat offputting bedside manner (mostly he tells weird jokes), but he's the best guy in town for orthopedic surgery etc on feet...

Damn !

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I was sorry to hear about your crash so close to home, particularly on a road I have travelled with you, and which I know you love.
Gabi and I wish you a speedy and complete recovery.


Good you're well

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Thanks to Sam who informed me earlier today about what happened. But also even better to hear you are in a, relatively speaking, good shape. It's been quite a few 2 weeks from what I could read and hear. I truly hope the recovery will go well and the memories long term will be worth to remember.
But right now....I hear you....and I sure friends an relatives are there to support you. Easy to say from a couple of thousands miles away for sure.

Took good care!


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Bro, you've given a lot of people a lot of pleasure and adventure on this quest. Too bad it cost you a foot. Glad you have two. Get well and stand tall. No reason not to

Also, someone told me you might have some extra bikes. You'll be good. We all owe you thanks.


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Bro, you've given a lot of people a lot of pleasure and adventure on this quest. Too bad it cost you a foot. Glad you have two. Get well and stand tall. No reason not to

Also, someone told me you might have some extra bikes. You'll be good. We all owe you thanks.

Cannonball and BMWR52

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We had a BSA ride out of Geyerserville CA. Sat Sept 22nd. I had been following your trek and troubles and solutions.
I too rode into Cotati and ask about you. There are not one good reason that you let anybody down. Your reports are excellent
to read and it was like they say "Shit Happens!" I found myself rooting for you each time I read what was going on. Thank goodness
you and machine are OK. It could have been a deer bounding out in front of you and much worse than what happened.
Take Care

Darryl, I am so glad to read

A. Zorat's picture

I am so glad to read the the BIKE is all-right! Smile

Seriously: good to read that your injury is being taken care of and that things are getting sorted out.
Thank you so much for taking us along this great adventure!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

What a tragedy

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Hi Darryl,

I was very sorry to read about your crash and the end of your ride. With all the work you and your fabulous friends provided, this was a sad tragedy.

The good news, of course, it that you will recover and so will the R52.

I have had my share of entering curves too fast on my various BMWs and feeling some fear as a result. I have never suffered as you have. Of course, none of my bikes have floorboards!

A friend of mine was riding with his wife back in Ohio a few years ago on an R1200RT with the optional wide saddlebags. It sounds like he had a similar crash. Going a little too fast into a curve, a saddlebag grounded, the rear wheel lifted, and they went down. Happily, they only suffered bruises and scrapes. Since then I have focused on pressing forward on the inside handlebar and leaning way in when I find myself going too fast on a curve.

I hope you and the R52 both recover fully and fast!

P.S. I am waiting for the day when motorcycles up through 1969 can ride this run!


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Anyone can have misfortune and it's not the miles you missed that people will remember but the miles you covered and the fantastic acheavement you made, the camraderie and fellowship that was there. That is what matters, not a few miles missed.
Many many thanks for taking me, a .com jockey, along on a fantastic trip with your writing and pictures and I hope you have a speedy recovery!

Missed you at the finish!

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Sorry to hear about the accident Darryl. I wish both you and the R52 a speedy recovery! At the finish line party it was amazing to see all of those bikes come in after a trip across the country. It must have been even more fun to participate and I hope you get a chance next time to complete the run.


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Sorry to learn of your misfortune. I am sure it is very dissapointing after all of the effort of you and your support people. Minna and i wish you a speedy recovery. We were in Lakeview on an old car tour when you came through and I was hoping to see but somehow missed you.

Cheers . . .

~Edson & Minna

Heal well

Fulton's picture

I don't feel let down in any way; it was great seeing you and the bike, and the crew, and the whole experience was wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

You're A Winner!

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Hey Darryl, thank goodness you're in one piece! We've thoroughly enjoyed your blogs from the road & are only sorry we couldn't greet you in person today. Surviving not only the mechanical challenges, but the physical ones was quite a feat. We've got a cool banner for you to remember the incredible journey. Hope you & your R52 are fit as fiddles very soon. Your San Jose Cheering Squad Banner Makers, Barbara R. & Alan H.

No apology required!!

scottiesharpe's picture

It's a race. S$%* happens! Smile

Thanks for giving it your ALL !!

I hope that you and the R52 get healed soon!

Scottie Sharpe
San Jose CA

An amazing quest!

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The last thing you should be is sorry. I am truly impressed at your fortitude, ingenuity and constant great attitude. It was such an unbelievable pleasure to be a small part of Team Boxer Rebellion #52. It will go down as some of my fondest memories. You are an inspiration to us all! Hang in there and get that foot better soon!


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This has indeed been a most frustrating event for you.

I doubt very much that anyone thinks/feels you owe them an apology; surly not those of us who have been following along, vicariously.

I do hope the prognosis is positive and we will look forward to seeing you fully mobile in the immediate future.

All the best,

Jim & Verna

Get well, both you and the R52!

John Gallagher's picture

Hi Darryl,
So sorry to hear. I was looking forward to seeing the crew through Dublin today. Your accident just took the wind out of my sails. Best wishes to both you and the bike!


Get well soon

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Heal quickly and re-join the Saturday morning breakfast group to give us the first person account of your adventure. Sorry it ended in tragedy after so many trials on your trip. We are all cheering for your quick recovery and "don't sweat the small stuff." Being above ground is what counts.


I am so sorry!

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Oh, man! I can only imagine your disappointment. After all that work, to have things finally looking sorted out, and the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Flicks you off the road. Life is not fair.


Get well! You and the bike!

Stelios Chatzopoulos's picture

Darryll, just get well soon! Now that you won't be riding for a couple of weeks, it's time to think seriously on how to fix that darn seizure matter!!! It's not wasted time, I guess... Smile

Get well soon!

Claes Lestén's picture

Such an entertaining blog, through all the mishaps. Get well real soon, we will ride together next summer I hope.
Fantastic performance with that bike!


Get Well soon

Christoph's picture

QHi Darryl, sitting on an exhibition I am reading about your accident recently.
I am so sorry about you and I hope you get well soon. So bad you and your team put so many effort in that event and it ended to inglorious at a tree. Good thing that the damage on your foot and your bike is´t too severe.
So I send you my best wishes for a fast recovery from Wittlich


Stuff Happens

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... but we all wished it didn't happen to YOU! We're glad you had immediate help, and you WILL heal, and the R52 will 'fly' again (not off the road, hopefully!)

It was an honour to follow the adventure from the 'ringside seats' from Newburgh to Wellsboro; and your blog updates were the best in the rally. For that we are eternally grateful as we all felt we 'rode with Darryl' from the cozy comfort of our computers.

At the very least, you'll always have the adventure. You took the chances but you accepted the risks. We couldn't have done so much, but you gave everyone who read your blog a taste of what you were going through, good and bad. Thanks for everything.

Marc & Susan

Heal quickly!

Tracy - NEWSTAR's picture

Oh no! I've been gone for a few days and popped in to see how you were doing. I didn't expect this! I'm so sorry to read about your accident. And I'm sure your team mates would all agree that you have no need to apologize. I understand your disappointment in not finishing but look at all you have accomplished!

Heal quickly, Darryl!

Get well

LT's picture

I am sorry to read about your get off.
I do hope your foot and your beautiful R52 recover quickly and completely. Please do not push give your foot time to heal up .
Keep positive thoughts. Then get out to the garage and start putting your bike back together.
You had quite a ride up to that point. I enjoyed following along.

Rest and Get Well

Jeff Moore's picture


Very sorry to hear that you had a spill and were hurt. That you are in 1 peice and in good shape is the most important thing. Everything else can be fixed easily.

Take care and don't be so hard on yourself.



Get Well Soon!

guest's picture


Your apology to us is crazy. We're the ones who have benefitted and have been inspired by your courageous efforts. Just look at how many people have already written to you, expressing their gratitude and support.

Things are tough right now, but I hope that instead of remembering problems and disappointments, you'll remember the successes, keeping that old BMW moving forward for so many miles against all odds, and most importantly, the many friends you have made in this adventure.

Take Care!

Heal Fast!

Tim Foreman's picture

Sorry your run was cut short, but glad the damage to you is not major.

Heal Fast Darryl!

Glad you're doing OK!!!

Team Kbasa's picture


I was in Point Reyes Station and heard from the other riders that you'd had some issues. I'm really glad you're primarily OK! As far as apologies go, motorcycling isn't like watching TV and things can happen. But mostly, we're really glad you're going to be well.

I hope you get home soon and back where Heather can keep an eye on you.

Ride well!

Dave & Tina Swider

No Apology Needed!!!!!

Bob Alexander's picture

I'll second your other supporters!..."No Apology Needed!" Shit happens and your doing well, that is important!
I got to experience a few days of the "ups & downs", challenges, but I believe a good time by all. Hope you can think about and plan for the next one!

Get well soon

Koen's picture


What a misfortune you had.
I loved reading your daily travells. But the most important thing for you is now to get well soon.
Machines can be replaced, people not.
Hope you have a quick and painless recovery, so we can see you again at the next EP.

Greetings Koen.