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Today Team Boxer Rebellion was back on track. And the route, from Klamath Falls to Fortuna, made it especially sweet. We travelled through some beautiful country from Klamath Falls to Medford, zigged and zagged around I-5 and the Rogue River, and then took US-199, a particularly scenic and curvy road from Grants Pass, OR to Crescent City, CA. It travels through the Smith River wilderness and under a canopy of redwoods before breaking out to the Pacific.

The weather was cold in the morning and cool most of the day, only warming into the 70s when I got south of Crescent City. This was good for the R52's engine, which ran strong and only had a few seizure episodes, which I fortunately caught before they actually did seize. I never had to completely stop, being able to coast and downshift, and waiting as long as possible before popping the clutch to get the engine going again. The bore job now has about 500 miles on it, and it doesn't seem to use any more oil than it did beforehand. I've used up the 2 stroke oil I was putting into the tank as a top end lubricant, so tomorrow we'll see how it goes on just premium pump gas.

The bike was a real joy on the twisting roads. It tracks straight and, with its long handlebars giving a lot of leverage, is light to steer. Some of the downhill turns marked at 25 and 30 I was taking at 35 or 40, with no drama at all.

Tomorrow is an early and long day. We will leave Fortuna at 7am, ride through the Avenue of the Giants, then take Highway 1 down to the coast. This section of road, from Leggett to Westport, is IMHO far better than The Dragon, and not only because it isn't overrun with traffic. It's longer, more scenic and has more elevation changes, as well as being as curve dense as The Dragon. We will then ride the coast down past Fort Bragg and then take CA-128 across to Geyserville.


Bodes well for today and

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Bodes well for today and tomorrow, Darryl! The fact that your message mainly talks about the fun things (the route, bike's behaviour) says it all.
I don't know if you noticed but all 3 category I bikes are within 4 places of each other, including you. Not that it really matters. I guess the 3 of you must nevertheless be excited to have gotten this far.
Hoping the focus of the next 2 days will continue to be on the driving!


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An idea re. the pistons, once you're home, is to heat them up in the oven and measure them while still hot. What would the hot piston/cylinder clearance be? I wonder if some sort of modern piston could be modifed to fit, or custom pistons manufactured by an outfit like Egge Machine Co. (I rebuilt a '38 Plymouth flathead and used Egge pistons).

You're still moving forward! Things are looking up! Bravo!

Crash ?

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I just looked at the picture of the crashed bike....but no word of Darryl

Were here my friend, just ask and we will come to your aid, where ever what ever .... Bikes can be rebuilt that was one almost terrible accident....no accident is good...hope you are alright.

Your Friend

Joel Rapose

Get well!

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Darryl, so, so sorry to have just read about your misfortune. Get well soon and just consider this a practice run for the next Cannonball.


1967 R69S

Fast recovery and best regards from Portugal

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Hello Darryl,

After we´ve been on the phone today i saw the pictures of the falling and you were lucky.

I had a small crash this summer too with my Indian .

Best Regards and nice recovery.

All the best


same ol-same ol

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anything new or fresh on this site? Videos?-blogs? I sign in a couple of times each week and except for the forums there is "nothing new under the sun" and even the forums only have a few new comments/questions! Some of the posts are 8 years old!! Still waiting for the mag also!

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