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Here are some photos Don snapped of me working (in the shade, at least) at a gas station in Shullsberg, WI to replace the burnt head gaskets. I think I beat the "flat rate" time.

(Photos courtesy of Don Cameron.)

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Quasqueton, Iowa-I have pics of the group

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Hi! We were delighted to have your group ride through our little town of 500 and took some pictures of some of you riding through we were parked next to the road and if anyone would like some pictures-just e-mail me and I would be happy to share them. Happy riding!

It Ain't Easy...

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. . .If it was, anyone could do the Cannonball.

We are very proud of your efforts and the positive attitude of both you and your marvelous crew. Hopefully, the many positives vibes being sent your way by those of us vicariously living your adventure with you, will see you through to the finish line. -Monte

Head Gaskets

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That's really tough. It's enough work just riding, without having to replace the head gaskets every day. I hope you have LOTS of spare gaskets.

I know this is a bodge, but what if you tried using double gaskets? This would give more conformance, and would lower the compression ratio a little. And then check the torque at stops during the day. Just a thought - I know, this might make things even worse. But if the situation gets desperate...

If we were paying you for this, you would get a HUGE bonus for your efforts! But under the circumstances, sorry...

Hi Darryl, This is a really

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Hi Darryl,

This is a really cool event you are participating in. Thanks for posting it. Looks like you are having quite the adventure.

Erik Bahl


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Congratulations on being in the lead, and on overcoming your headgasket problem. Coppercoat generally does the trick. Interestingly, a number of the 101 Scouts seem to be having the same problem. The only real long term solution is .062 solid copper gaskets-and a light coating of coppercoat on both sides. Milling the heads should be a last resort-because it raises the compression ratio, which creates more heat, which sets up a vicious, er, cycle. Plenty of those on this run!

head gaskets

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Here is the cure for your head gasket woes. carefully draw file the head surface loading the file with chalk and cleaning every few strokes. cut a set out of solid copper gaskets ( even roofing copper will do ) then spray each side and the head and cylinder surfaces with permatex copper head gasket sealer. Let the copper spray set up then torque evenly. I have been using this method on everything I build and never had a leak. those composite gaskets in the pictures were never any good from day one. The KR flathead Harleys use no gasket at all but I use the copper spray and have never had a leak with these either. sorry to hear about your woes but congrats on a great effort so far. Back to the leader board!


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I admire everyone who has the pluck to participate in this event. It has been over 40 years since I ended up making my own gaskets out of sheet copper for a 52 Matchless twin because the composite ones that were avaiable did not last. The copper ones lasted without failure. Nice to hear others have arrived at the same solution but trying to do this on the road would be impossible until a shop is available.

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