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Not that there isn't plenty to write about, but it's already 11pm and there's another long day tomorrow. The R52 went the distance, including torrential rain, an accident that closed I-90 in downtown Cleveland, and another road closure in Huron, OH. I don't actually know how many miles I rode, but it was more than advertised.

The bike got another oil change, and we tore into the rear brakes, which had become quite floppy. This turned out to be due to several factors: the brand new linings are wearing very quickly, so they were replaced, which also allowed us to drain and refill the final drive, since it had to come out. (The R52's final drive only has a fill port, just like the modern BMWs!) Also, there's a small, strong spring that holds the inside brake shoe in tension away from the driveshaft brake drum, but it seems to have departed somewhere enroute (replaced temporarily with a zip tie, in which I have little faith). I just have to leave more room in front...

Tomorrow we take a 300 mile route along the Ohio-Michigan border and then follow the lakeshore up to Muskegon. We must arrive by 4pm to get onto the ferry over to Milwaukee. Not making the ferry is really, really bad.


Muskegon meeting.

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Hi Daryl,

I am hoping to see the BMW crews and all the other bikes as well tomorrow. I only live 80 miles from there. I may ride my "new" relatively 1953 R68 there. Haven't driven it much so may have to ride something else. Hope to see you all there and good luck to all the entrants.

Dale Monson

Hi Darryl, Good to hear

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Hi Darryl,
Good to hear things are going well despite less than perfect circumstances. You'll do well and so will the R28. How are the 2 other BMWs doing? Nice to meet you at Motorcyclepedia.
Shawn M.

guess for alternate routes from MKE to Anamosa

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OK, here I'll go out on a limb, and say what I think should be the route. 59 seems OK, but the miles don't add up to 215 (222 miles). There is a big jog north just out of Milton. An alternative, which is close to 215 miles, (213) goes on the old National Rd (ave), which becomes ES, going through Mukwanago, thence to East Troy, Elkhorn, Delavan (on 11), then on County X (old WI Rte 15, the old MKE-Beloit rd before I-43), and then back up towards Monroe on 81. Then 11 out of Monroe to Iowa.
A very close alternative (214 miles) using primarily 59 is to use 26 out of Milton, then to Janesville, then A to rejoin 59 at 104 just south of Evansville.
I guess we'll find out tomorrow!


Go Daryll, go!

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Dropping you a note from the Great White North (it's not snowing yet) wishing you the best on your epic journey; don't forget to wear your favourite boxers!
Take care,

Go, Team!

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Sure wish we could time travel and be with you! Go, TEAM! You're doing GREAT!

Go Team52 !

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Just got my Magazine today. Finished your article and went online to your blog. Sorry I didn't know you were ridind around Cleveland , would have loved to see your bike and meet you. Good luck , ride safe !

More Ideas on Leaking Heads

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Just an observation. The fact that the blowout is between the cylinder and the exh. valve, and I believe you said that all replacements blow at the same spot, tells me that it is a heat problem involving the exh. valve, not on the side of the much cooler-running intake valve.

Hey - is there any 'extra' exh. back pressure in the pipes and mufflers? It wouldn't take much to keep the exh. valve hotter than it should be.

Pullin' for you Bro,

Pat Tobin

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