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Seems like my odometer is off and longing more miles that I am actually putting on it. It doesn't really bother me because the bike already has a 100K+ miles and still running strong.

But, the only problem i can see is knowing when to service it with the milage running so fast.

Is there are "rule of thumb" or tips on length of times to wait on what particular maintenance servicing I will need done.

**I ride the bike about 5-10 miles everyday and have had it for about a month**


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I try to do engine oil every

I try to do engine oil every 5000 miles, but mostly end up just doing it every year. Maybe I do driveline fluids every couple of years. Front fork fluids probably don't see the light of day every 4-5 years (yikes!). Wheel splines every time you change a rear tire. Transmission splines probably should be done every 15-25K miles, depending on your driving style (lots of clutch changes versus lots of highway miles).

A&S Cycles has some BMW recommended intervals on their website:


Snowbum has some of his recommendations here:



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