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Things are looking up! The Sprinter spent Tuesday and Wednesday at a local shop. They replaced the fuel filter and the "turbo resonator" (a device that muffles the output of the turbocharger, is made of plastic, and has a poor reputation because it splits along a molded seam, as mine did), and now the Sprinter runs fine again.

Our hosts in the greater Newburgh area, my friends Jeff and Samantha, let us borrow their pickup and trailer to take the R52 down to the hotel on Wednesday to get registered and put the bike through tech inspection. It was raining cats and dogs, so I decided not to do the 42 mile test ride. Instead, we hung around a bit and I was able to pigeonhole Lonnie Isam, the organizer, and get a few details worked out.

Jeff Wu had a last minute crisis and couldn't make it out to New York, so Samantha is taking over for him, taking some video mounted from her R1150R. She will do this out to Milwaukee and then Jeff will rejoin the team in Sturgis.

This morning we got the Sprinter back and we loaded things up and reorganized so that the bike can be loaded and unloaded without having to unload a lot of other stuff. We got out to the hotel around noon and after a while of meet and greet, I took the R52 out on the test loop. Things went very well: I was able to use my home made roadbook holder easily and the bike ran well. Samantha said, and I also saw on my electronic speedo, that the bike attained a bit over 60 mph at its fastest, which is very adequate. I have to tweak the front tire circumference in the speedo as it lost a couple tenths over the course of 40 miles. The only real problem was the rear brake adjuster knob fell off, but Sam saw it and grabbed it. (Losing that means not having any rear brakes.) Oh, and the large doe in the middle of the road we saw as we rounded a downhill righthander, so I was trying capture some momentum for the coming uphill.

On return, the bike had a couple of its persistent weeps in evidence. Where the cap on the front of the final drive meets the body, there is a flaw in the mating surface, and it usually drips a bit of oil. This makes a terrible mess and oils the sidewall (but not the tread) of the rear tire. So we pulled it off, cleaned things up, and then tried to goop it up a bit more. Tomorrow we will find out how well we did. There's also a small weep from where the magneto mates to the top of the crankcase, which results in a bit of oil on the right floorboard, which is also an annoyance. I'm inclined to ignore that unless we have some further reason to have to remove the mag, which seems to be performing very well (as is the integral generator, which powered my headlight and taillight for the entire trip).

There was a riders' meeting in the afternoon, which went over a variety of topics, then the opening dinner banquet, which was very nice and lots of fun. At the end of dinner the rules and regs were emphasized and then a lot of people retreated to the bar, but we headed back to Sam's house for an early evening.

Tomorrow morning we have to be lined up at the hotel, ready to go on our assigned 15 second intervals (mine is 7:01:45). We are actually only riding 4 miles over to the Motorcyclepedia Museum, where there will be a two hour breakfast and display for the public. Then we line up and leave at 9am. 210 miles later, hopefully, we will pull into Wellsboro. The route sheets indicate that much of tomorrow's ride will be over US-6, especially in Pennsylvania. A lot of questions will be answered tomorrow, I hope I like them.


Cannonball Run

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Hi Darryl!

Today's the day if I'm right! Good luck on you, the bike, your team and the Sprinter!
I'll keep a close watch on your blog!


Darryl, the very best of luck

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Darryl, the very best of luck from Andy Dukes back in the UK. Looking forwards to reading about your exploits! Let's talk in around, say, 17 days time!

We're watching you...

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Looking forward to following you on this journey... I'm envious!

Vaya Con Dios

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