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Well, we made late last night to NY. Crawling up all those hills in the Alleghenies at about 40mph really had me watching my mirrors. The Sprinter is at a shop this morning and I'm hoping to hear back soon what the problem is. In the meantime, Steve and I are recovering from four long days of sitting still. Don will be here in another couple hours.

Jeff Wu won't be able to be here at the start, so we are abducting our hostess, Samantha Lucas, to be our camera bike rider through to Milwaukee. Team Boxer Rebellion is rolling with the punches!


Cannonball Run

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Good to see you've made it to NY and about to begin the real adventure!

Groeger's breakfast was pretty quiet last Sat.

Best of luck(and weather) and trust all the time put in is rewarding all of you!

Randy H


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I bet your Sprinter lost the Turbo, probably a split the turbo collector box, I'm on my 3rd one in 100,000 miles. It's gotten to where I carry a spare one.

Cannonball Run

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Wishing you all the best from Australia.

Cannonball Route

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What route will be used across PA? I am thinking that I could ride south and watch/follow as the bikes cross PA. I live just west of Binghamton, NY


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You will probably have better luck with your 1928 BMW then the van. It's kind of wild but true. Is the route going through upper or lower WY?


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I think the route is a secret until revealed to the riders each morning.
Best of luck Darryl.

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