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Well, Steve Woodward (my chase van driver) and I are in South Bend, IA this morning, after three long days of driving. Our goal is to land, late tonight, at my friends' house in Amenia, NY.

However, the trip has not been without incident. The Sprinter, which has its quirks but has not given me any troubles, put up an engine check light when I fired it up Friday morning to leave. So, we drove over to the shop that has worked on it and they the codes -- two weak glow plugs (out of 5). They reset the code and said it shouldn't be a problem for us unless we had to cold start it on a cold morning.

So, we were on our way. Over the Sierra Nevada mountains and into Reno for fuel. But out on the highway again, the engine check light popped on for no discernable reason. Then, the van lost power and went into what is referred to on the Sprinter forums as "limp home mode", which limited us to about 65mph and pretty slow acceleration (even for the Sprinter). We stopped in Salt Lake City for the night but couldn't find anyone who could even read the code on Saturday morning of a three day weekend. So, we limped along to North Platte, NE and South Bend today and hopefully NY tonight. Tomorrow we will try to find a shop with some Sprinter savvy so Steve doesn't have to limp all the way back across the continent.

Otherwise, things are going well -- neither of us yet wants to murder the other! Don Cameron, our chief mechanic, is riding his Gold Wing from Deming, NM. Last night he stopped in Kankekee, IL, leaving him 800 miles from Amenia. He'll do most of that today, we might even see him on I-80, but will stop for the night somewhere short of Amenia, and will roll in tomorrow.

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Good Luck

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Thanks for the blog. Pretty exciting, the start is almost here. I look forward to hearing about the trip as you make it. And on the bike you don't have to worry about dummy lights and computer readings. I guess we didn't have as much information years ago that we do today. It may have been easier that way. But keep the info flowing on the internet.

Maybe I'll be there to see the bikes at Cotati.

Relative German Reliability

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Won't it be a hoot if the ancient BMW comes through unscathed and the Mercedes craps out?


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'05 R1200RT

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