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Here are a couple photos of the Sprinter, showing my sponsors. I want to thank everyone who has helped out, and if any of the commercial sponsors can supply your needs, I heartily recommend them:

Barrington Motor Works
Bench Mark Works
BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco
Brent's Motor Works
Dreher Oldtimerteile
Johnson Leather
Rok Straps

Looks like I'm ready for a swap meet! All that stuff (and more!) fits easily inside the Sprinter. I am really hoping that I don't need most of it.

If you see this big, yellow van rolling down I-80, honk and wave!


We look forward to seeing you in Newburgh!

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Susan and I are also taking a few days off to meander towards Newburgh from Montreal as of Monday Sept 3 (The Adirondacks are pretty this time of year.) I'll be on my R1200ST (so you won't miss yours so much) and Susan will be riding The Big Blue Couch (AKA Sue-zuki Boulevard C50). We look forward to meeting you and the chase crew; set aside a couple of T-shirts for us because we're buying them!

We wish you the best of luck, but only just in case your skill and preparation aren't enough.

Marc St-Pierre & Susan Young

Darryl, Just wanted to wish

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Just wanted to wish you a SAFE enjoyable ride and we’re looking forward to your visiting us at our Harley Dealership in Monroe, WI. It’s a huge honor for us and we’ll do our best to take good care of you and serve you up a good ole Wisconsin lunch!


Kutter Harley-Davidson
Janesville & Monroe, WI

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