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Ok, the bad first...

Paul Glaves has had to bow out as our team mechanic. He and Voni have been travelling around the west and the smoke and fires burning in Montana sent him to the emergency room. They exacerbated a long term problem and he will have to spend some time resting and recovering (but all should turn out well). We all wish him a quick recovery.

On a happier note, we have T Shirts! Just like in the photo at the right. You can wear a classy white on black Team Boxer Rebellion tee and support the team at the same time — just click on the link above.


if you need help

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Hi Darryl-
I'll second the help offer near WI. I live in Madison and plan on at least being in Monroe for the stop; based on miles and the roads I know I have a pretty good idea of the route, too. Only a very few roads that are suitable add up to the right miles.
I have a plane, so if that could be of any help to run people or parts let me know. email me for my cell if you want.
Tom Lubben

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