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Nearing the end of a rebuild from a basketcase, and just wanted to pass on my latest discovery. I got it to idle and run well enough to give it a test run down the block, but when I got back it was running rougher than when I left, and the right side cylinder and pipe was a lot hotter than the left. I put a fan on the bike while I read up on possible causes: timing uneven, fuel restrictions, bent camshaft, etc. As I was leaning over the right cylinder to check how hot it was, I noticed some daylight around the carb flange area. I grabbed a feeler gauge (.008") and it slid right between the carb and the thick gasket, and I had an AHA! moment. It was running very lean on the right side, so that was the culprit. I had recently seen an article on this very problem,
(Thanks, Duane!) and went about fixing the problem.

After about 10 min on 320 grit, wet/dry on an old cabinet window, it was good to go


1959 R69